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TOEFL Grade 9

2017-2018 Course Outline

Instructor: Mr. Taira
Time & Location: Block 6 “B” days / Room 503

Office Hours: After school M-F 3:30-4pm. I am also available by appointment before or after school.

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This is a one-year course on the TOEFL exam. All sections of the standardized test will be broken down and covered systematically. Students will be taken through the exam and deliberately taught the essential academic skills needed to score well on the TOEFL test. There will be an exhaustive analysis of the various types of questions (vocabulary, main idea, inference) students will encounter on the reading and listening section of the exam. For the speaking and writing section, students will learn how to develop and structure their arguments and present them in a logical fashion. There will be plenty of practice of these academic skills built into the course so that students are thoroughly prepared for the standardized exam. Finally, students will have many opportunities to take the exam in class using official ETS TOEFL materials. With commitment and earnest application, students will be able to raise their scores significantly.



oFor each semester, your grade will be determined as follows:

·Quarter 1 50% + Quarter 2 50%

oFor each quarter, you will be evaluated based on…


·In-class Assignments and Quizzes = 50%

·Homework Assignments = 25%

·Class Participation = 25%


Class Policies

oHomework must be handed in to the inbox in the first 10 minutes of class on the day it is due. 

oLate Assignments will lose 10% per day, to a maximum of 50%.

oAcademic dishonesty (cheating, plagiarism) will be dealt with strictly.  Under most circumstances, you will receive a mark of 0 for the assignment or test.


Thematic Units:

Over the course of the school year, we will be covering one major thematic unit per quarter.  While the individual units will focus primarily on a single, broad theme, a variety of authors representing different literary genres and forms will be studied in each case.  All four units will culminate in an in-depth study of a major work / author

Unit Theme

Culminating Study

Vocabulary Strategies and Basic Comprehension

Independent Essay & Reading Section Questions

Inference & Rhetorical Purpose

Higher level Reading Questions & Independent Essay

Integrated Studies – Speaking and Writing

Integrated Essay & Speaking Responses

Synthesis & Evaluation

Integrated Essay & Full Reading Passages


Course Texts:  The Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test by Bruce Rogers & The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test by Educational Testing Service Publications, and Xin Dong Fang TOEFL Series.