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In this unit students will get exposure to various literary genres.They will be reading some poetry, drama, fiction, and non-fiction selections from well-known authors.Students will go beyond basic story elements and plot discussions and begin to do close readings of texts in order to discover the nuances and deeper significance of works. With this change in focus, students will work on developing greater sensitivity and awareness of a text's tone and mood. This will require them to close read texts and become more astute observers of an author's diction choices. Other students are delving into literary works that are move geared to their reading levels. During this unit we all will break down the different parts of the story and the elements that compose a good short story. Alongside our reading, we will begin working on our writing as well. The students will begin with reviewing and learning the basics of sentence structure and how to vary their sentences in order to create more interesting and varied writing. They will then take their understanding of the basic story elements and will create their own original narrative.