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English Language & Composition

QISS International School

Course Information: 2017-2018

Mr. Taira

Grade 8

Conference Time—Mon-Fri 3:30-4pm

Room 503




  • Course Description*

The English Language and Composition course is designed to help students become skilled readers of literature and informational texts and to support their development of all English language skills. The reading and writing that students do in class instills in them an awareness and understanding of the conventions of standard written English, while at the same time helping them to hone their own reading and composition skills. To help students articulate their ideas and help them survive in a western classroom environment, emphasis is put on helping students develop spoken Standard English.


  • Expected Student Learning Outcomes*

Upon completing the English Language and Composition course, students should be able to:

    • analyze and interpret samples of good writing, identifying and explaining an author’s use of rhetorical strategies and techniques;
    • apply effective strategies and techniques in their own writing;
    • create and sustain arguments based on readings, research, and/or personal experience both in spoken and written language;
    • demonstrate understanding and mastery of standard written English as well as stylistic maturity in their own writings;


  • Required Texts

Students will be issued one textbook to be used throughout the school year:

    • Literature  Publishers Prentice Hall 

In addition to this text, students will be required to check out novels from the library throughout the school year.  For independent reading, students will be required to log into and complete weekly readings.



  • Units
    • Myths, Folktales, and Short Stories
    • Non Fiction Reading
    • Drama: The Diary of Anne Frank
    • Novel: Tuck Everlasting



  • Required Supplies
    • 1 ½ inch 3 ring binder with 8 dividers
    • Black and/or dark blue ink pens and pencils
    • College ruled notebook paper
    • 1 folder with pockets (class color)
    • 1 subject notebook spiral w/holes (70 pgs—college ruled)


  • Types of Assignments
    • Reading- outside novels, short stories, essays
    • Essays- Narrative/Descriptive, Argument, Expository
    • In class timed-writings- Analysis, Argument, Synthesis
    • Journals/Response logs- Reflections
    • Group Projects- team building, cooperative learning, group presentations
    • AP Preparation- practice tests, practice multiple-choice passages, practice essays
    • Portfolios- synthesize and tie essays and projects for reflection purposes






Types of Assignments



Various genres of writing

In-class work




In-class writing, Reading Journals, Book Tests, Notebook, Projects



Participation in class discussions and activities



Final Assessment of target skills and understandings

Tests and Quizzes


Periodic assessments to measure student uptake


  • Tardy Policy

Student must be in class before the bell rings.  There will be consequences enforced for all tardiness:  1st Tardy = verbal warning, 2nd Tardy = parent contact, 3rd tardy = 30 mn detention, 4th tardy = office referral, 5th + tardy = administrative action


  • Assignment/Make Up Policy
    • LATE WORK.An assignment turned in one day late may not receive credit higher than a 70.An assignment turned in two days late may not receive credit higher than a 50.On the third day, the assignment will no longer be accepted.
    • MISSED ASSIGNMENTS ARE THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY!  If a student has an excused absence that keeps them from either turning in an assignment or receiving instructions for an assignment, it is the responsibility of the student to talk to me about the assignment as soon as they return.   
    • MAKE UP WORK is designated for students who have excused absences.  If a student has an excused absence, they must speak to me about any make up work the day they return.  They will have only as many days as they were out to submit the assigned work.