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                                   UNIT ONE

The literary focus of this unit will be works from Africa and the Middle East. Students will get exposure to the beauty and intricacies of literature from this part of the world. They consider cultural conflict, modernization, and other important literary themes characteristic of these cultural texts. The central focus will be on the colonial and post-colonial experiences of the populations of these regions. Specifically, students will explore how the colonial experience influenced the formation of identity among people from Africa and the Middle East. Through their study, students will gain an awareness of the various factors that can influence a person's identity. For effectiveness, these factors will be grouped under the headings of personal, communal, social and cultural. Students will read several different kinds of texts (literary and informational) and watch a movie to explore these themes at work in the lives of characters and then examine how they are at work in their own lives. Students will demonstrate what they have learned in a final writing assignment on a specific aspect of the colonial experience and its impact on African or Middle Eastern identity.